Ellen Schwartz & Friends


Tangled Webs

by Ellen Schwartz and Skip Kennon

Ellen’s last collaboration was with Skip Kennon, whom she had met when he was Artistic Co-ordinator of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Workshop. Together they wrote the lyrics and music for this dark romantic musical comedy, book by Bill Connington based on the short story “Webcast” by Fred Landau. Tangled Webs tells the story of an elegant, recently widowed Park Avenue lady, Jeanine Morgan, who enters the world of theater production and re-makes her professional and personal life, in ways that shock and surprise the audience – and Jeanine’s fellow cast members as well. She discovers the work of a young writer, Aaron, and she determines to stop at nothing – absolutely nothing, including possibly murder – to get Aaron’s work on the Broadway stage. It speaks to her need - and perhaps the need of all of us – to get recognition and get revenge when it is denied.

CAST for recording: Rebecca Luker (singing the role of Jeanine), Ric Ryder (as Aaron Stephenson), William Parry (as Jerry Bruckner) and Andrew Kober (as Charles), along with Jan Horvath (the diva Miranda Grey), Neal Mayer (critic Harrison Stone), Georga Osborne and Leenya Rideout (as best friends and show backers Cissie and Claudine, as well as ensemble)

The lyrics for these tracks can be downloaded here.

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