Ellen Schwartz & Friends


About This Site

Ellen's family wanted to ensure that her work continues to be a presence in the world and this website is dedicated to that end.

This website is a work in progress and suggestions for additions are welcome using the Contact page.

In creating it, Ellen's family has been fortunate to have the indispensable assistance of Kristopher Monroe, who started out by digitally archiving (and in some instances remastering) Ellen's work, designing and building the site, and with the help of Ellen's husband Michael, carefully selecting the works that are reflected on these pages.

For information on archival and/or design services, please contact kristophermonroe@gmail.com

All lyrics, music, script excerpts and other artistic materials on this website are protected by copyright and no performance, publication, or other use of them is permitted without the written consent of the copyright owner.

For information of any sort, please submit an inquiry here.